Karthik Govindarajan


President and Founder, Oak Tree Consulting


Karthik began his consulting practice to help entrepreneurs and business leaders navigate through the uncertainty of product development. Throughout his nearly twenty-year career working for various sized firms, he saw that most organizations fell into the trap of using a one-size-fits-all approach to innovation and business growth, which led to a lot of wasted resources and money. He believes that every business is different and addressing their specific requirements will greatly improve the chance for success.

Karthik has successfully delivered programs which resulted in more than $100M in revenue. He has held multiple leadership roles during his career in several areas including sales, marketing, engineering and operations. This gives him a unique perspective to understand the different challenges a growing business can face and how to address them effectively. 

Karthik holds BS, MS and PhD degrees in Ceramics and Materials Engineering and a BA in French Literary Studies, from Rutgers University. Additionally, he received an MS in Product Development from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

He is also an adjunct professor at Union County College teaching courses in STEM fields. He enjoys the challenge of commercializing new products and technologies and is passionate about helping others maneuver the intersection of technology and business.